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What Is Delta Air Lines Virtual?

Delta Air Lines Virtual is a virtual airline created for virtual aviation enthusiasts who use the default simulators FS2004, FSX, FSX SE, Prepar3D and X-Plane as main software within the network of the International Virtual Aviation Organization ( IVAO ) by simulating all flight operational procedures as realistically as possible.

Supported by the company Delta Air Lines Inc., we simulate the structure and organization of an international airline, making exclusive use of its fleet, but adjusting both flight routes and hubs of the company according to our concerns and needs within a virtual flight.

Being able to share experiences with people of different nationalities and languages, is a primary goal for Delta Air Lines Virtual, so we have made an effort to adapt all our systems, into both the English and Spanish language. If we assess in the future a need to expand and translate our website into more languages, we will do so.

Delta Air Lines Virtual, has a tailored website in English, Spanish, German and French dedicated voice channel which utilizes private channels in both Spanish and English, and a forum tailored to the needs of users who use either of the two languages.

We use an Virtual Manager System (VAM) , a virtual training system called DVRTS incorporated into our flight academy " Delta Conection Virtual Flight Academy, SKYTEAM team flights, both Delta RMK Tracker System and an optimized DELTA SIM ACARS as a flight tracker, Virtual HUB system, ROUTES system simulating all SKYTEAM routes, a custom tab of each pilot, a private forum, Events and Tours System, a private TeamSpeak3, as well as a friendly atmosphere between users. As we expand and improve our website, we will offer much more, with the goal that it will make Delta Air Lines Virtual an exciting experience for all of its members.