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Whether for a good cause or to make your flights become a more attractive experinece, Delta Virtual Air Lines offers to itsusers Events & Tours created by our team.

Our ultimate goal is simply to promote the activity of flying and to allow the users options; either jointly sharing experiences with colleagues from the VA or individually as a Regular or Charter flight.

All of the members that make up Delta Virtual Air Lines can create or file a proposal for a Tour or Event sending an email to the contact information given at the bottom of the text. Upon receipt of the proposal, we will send our acceptance or rejection of it to the user.


Minimum requirements to apply for an Event:

  • Design a Banner for inclusion on the website.
  • Detailed explanation of the event to propose.
  • Departure and Arrival Airport(s).
  • Date and Time.
  • Proposal was sent with a minimum of 1 month prior the Event.


Minimum requirements to apply for a Tour:

  • Design a Banner for inclusion on the website.
  • Detailed explanation of the proposed Tour.
  • Detail stages: Departure and Arrival Aiport(s).


Delta Virtual Air Lines is open to collaborate with both IVAO as well as with any Virtual Airline commissioning a Popular Event whose aim is to benefit the community of IVAO.

For Tour & Events apliccation or for more information about, please contact us at the following email address:




TourStart dateEnd dateNum. LegsDistanceInfo
Tour Testing2016-01-222016-09-21285