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Supported by the company Delta Air Lines Inc., we simulate the structure and organization of an international airline, making exclusive use of its fleet, but adjusting both flight routes and hubs of the company according to our concerns and needs within a virtual flight.

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PilotI 682
Naše flotila 817
Trasy 2357
Celkový počet hodin: 88859.08
Celkový počet letů 35055
Pravidelné lety 44
Charterové lety 35011
% Pravidelných letů 0.13 %


Volací znakPilotOdletPříletDatumDoba letu
DAL0212Marinaldo MeloKCVGKATL21-09-20171.35
DAL2712Andrei Fongaro EHAMEDDW21-09-20170.95
DAL451Jose Maldonado KLASKDEN21-09-20171.85
DAL948Erick Ceja MMMYMMMX21-09-20171.35
DAL0212Marinaldo MeloKCVGKATL20-09-20170.02
DAL221Sergio Cordeddu EHAMEDDF20-09-20171.15
DAL6546Sergio Cordeddu EHAMEDDF20-09-20171.15


PilotZaměstnán od
DAL006-Chris Oddsund 14-09-2017
DAL008-Daim Yousif 12-09-2017
DAL0160-Johnnieepize Eb 09-09-2017
DAL0159-Felipe Santos 09-09-2017
DAL0161-Alcindo Junior 09-09-2017